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We do very little advertising but are well known to the community and for our services and word of mouth is our best advertising. We guarantee our work. We simply beat our competition.
“I have had Regina and her crew a do couple apartment clean outs after I have moved out and they have done a terrific job. They are fast, efficient, economical but most importantly they don't cut corners. Highly recommend them!”
John D.
"Nice work on the website, it looks great! I had an awesome experience with your crews at Northridge Heights ; your teams are definitely the best cleaning crews I have worked with since working for CIP." Thanks
Kylie K.
"These ladies are miracle workers! They were able to get hard water spots off a shower door that I have spent hours on myself unsuccessfully. Did a great job everywhere else, too. Highly recommend them!"
Nancy M.
”Through my 15 years of Property Management, I can honestly say it has not been easy to find a cleaning company that has been reasonable with their pricing and gives the quality of their service that I demand for our apartment cleanings. I have been very impressed with the quality of cleaning service given by Cleanest by Farr. You have gone above and beyond what one would normally expect in times of scheduling apartment cleanings for us. You have done a great job for us and your outstanding customer service is greatly appreciated."
Michelle I.
Property Manager
"About six months ago I moved into a rental property, I was told that the property would be professionally cleaned and move in ready. I was beyond shocked when I got the keys to my new place, walked in and saw that it was in fact CLEAN!!! From the ceiling to the floors, inside the cupboards, the tops of the cupboards, the fridge, the stove... everything was CLEAN!!! This is the first time I have NOT had to go back through and clean prior to unpacking. I contacted the leasing agent to find out who they use as the professional cleaner as I wanted to voice my opinion on what an amazing service Cleanest by Farr provided. Thank you to the crew at Cleanest by Farr, y'all do an amazing job!!"
Angie B.
“I have used Cleanest By Farr for the last 5 years and am very happy with their service. They are very professional and always go out of their way to help and get the job done right. I can’t count how many times I’ve been in a pinch and they have helped me out with a last minute cleaning. Regine and her team are great to work with and I would recommend Cleanest By Farr to anyone.”
Brian S.
Property Manager
"It has been a pleasure working with you and your team. You run the best cleaning company I have worked with in property management."
Pam D.
Property Manager
“The best cleaning service EVER! My house never looked so good. I was very pleased with the workers, their service, and the price to clean my house! I highly recommend Cleanest By Farr!”
Kim T.
“I worked with this company when I was in maintenance with a big apartment community. Wonderful and hard working people!!!!! They get the job done!”
Troy P.
As a renewal benefit for the apartment, I rent in Lincoln I was offered carpet cleaning or a curved shower rod. Well, I chose the carpet cleaning WOW!!! Cleanest by Farr did a fabulous job and the contact during the process was above reproach. Cleanest by Farr is truly an outstanding company from scheduling to keeping me informed to completion. They absolutely give a DARN (politically correct) and that is refreshing to experience.
James C.
Cleanest By Farr

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At Cleanest By Farr, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with reliable, outstanding, and affordable service. We guarantee our work. We simply beat our competition.